Pay Pig Jerk Off Mantras

FinDom Brainwashing Stroke Mantras5 Pay Pig Jerk Off Mantras. Get brainwashed to obey and pay as your stroke your money away.  Recite My Pay Pig Jerk Off Mantras out loud, or read them over and over as you wank to My hott pix.

The more you repeat My jerk off mantras, the faster you will turn into My brainless, brainwashed, pay pig wallet.  They will seep into your head and addict you to Me.  I love using these mantras as JOI, or jerk off instruction, to control your cock and drain your wallet.

The more you stroke, the more you will want to submit, pay and obey.  The brainwashed pay pig does not need to think.  Just wank and obey and click your money away.

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Pay Pig Jerk Off Mantras


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Ass Addict PTV Game!

Ass Addict PTV GameAss Addict PTV Game!  Cash drain for pay pigs and ass worship addicts. Lots of financial domination captioned pix of My hot ass for you to adore.  Obey and pay and get addicted to My perfect, tight ass.  Mmmmmm….

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Part One:

Ass Worship PTV Game



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