Home Wrecking Stroke Mantras

Home Wrecking Stroke MantrasHome wrecking stroke mantras.  Recite these mantras as you stroke your cock and pay Me.  You will begin to see why your bratty teen Princess is so much more important and sexy than that boring, dried up nag you are married to.

Once I begin to drive a wedge between you and your loser wife or girlfriend, you will be free to worship Me properly with your cash.  That dull vanilla pudding that you are married to deserves wife humiliation from superior, bratty Me!

Free yourself from the ball and chain that is holding you back from being My completely obsessed pay pig with My Home Wrecking Stroke Mantas Now!

Wife Humiliation by Bratty Teen Princess



5 Home Wrecking Stroke Mantras and 2 Hott Pix of Superior, Bratty Me!



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